Is NCP’s path to scientific socialism smooth?

By HT Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec 13:
The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has said that its ultimate goal is to establish scientific socialism.

At the moment, it has adopted socialism-oriented people’s democracy.

The secretariat meeting this Monday decided that the party’s strategic goal and minimum-basic programme is scientific socialism that gives equal emphasis to the concept of political freedom and economic equality.

NCP adopted the people’s democracy, replacing ‘People’s Multiparty Democracy’ of erstwhile NCP-UML and 21st Century Democracy of former NCP-Maoist Centre following their unification one year ago.

The NCP-led government is striving to implement the motto of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali.

Nepal’s constitution has called for building socialism-oriented economy but the policy and programmes of the government are guided by neo-liberal and market economy.

The country has embraced free market economy since 1991 when it ushered in an era of democracy and human rights. Even the 1990 constitution had envisioned building a welfare state but the subsequent governments blindly followed market economy and formulated policies accordingly.

Now the question is: how will the NCP-led administration be able to build socialist economy by pursuing neo-liberal policies and agenda?

Will the NCP’s journey to scientific socialism be smooth?

Answers to these queries are difficult to get in foreseeable future as the unified party has to churn out coherent ideology from their convention.

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