Except For Emergencies, Entry Into Kathmandu Valley Unlikely

Narayan Dhungana, Kathmandu, May 5: Despite having entry pass for the vehicles, it is not that easy to enter into the Kathmandu valley from the outer districts during the ongoing lockdown order.

Desite having the entry pass, the vehicles are not permitted to get through the capital city from border points—Nagdhunga, Pharping, Mudkhu, Jagati and Jarsinghpauwa—except for emergencies. Now, only the vehicles carrying highly essentials goods and health supplies would be permitted to enter the capital city from other districts.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Nepal Police Bishow Raj Pokhrel said that vehicles except the emergency ones are prevented from coming into the Kathmandu valley though they have carried entry pass.

Currently, around 1,500 vehicles have come to the Kathmandu valley everyday and of them 400 vehicles bear the entry pass in the name of different purposes, the police records reveal.

Likewise, the number of vehicles carrying daily essentials has increased lately.

Despite the pandemic COVID-19 paralysing the normal life, the people tend to get the entry pass under different pretexts which has prompted the security officials to be stricter in the entry of vehicles.

The police was obliged to take the step as more entry passes were distributed in the districts resulting in the pressure of vehicles from outer districts.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Ghanshyam Shrestha deployed at Nagdhunga said that around 80 vehicles coming to valley by taking entry pass from the outer districts were prevented from coming to the valley and this step is ongoing.

He, however, said that sick people, those travelling for death rituals, emergency jobs and professions are allowed to move to their destinations in the valley.

– The Rising Nepal

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