No Border Dispute With China: Minister Gyawali


Kathmandu, June 29: Foreign Affairs Minister Pradeep Gyawali has said there is no border dispute between Nepal and China.

Taking special time in a meeting of the National Assembly (NA) today, the Minister said some media disseminated’fake news’ mentioning about China’s encroachment on Nepal’s territory. He urged media not to publish such news which would affect the bilateral relations.

As he said, the government is studying about the source of such news. ”Misinformation will mislead us, so let’s not entertain such stuffs,” he said urging media to be careful while covering sensitive issues and not to give space to stuffs capable of jeopardising the cordial relations existing between the countries. Nepal and China face no border disputes, according to him.

Both countries have signed a peace and friendship border treaty and both parties are agreed to inspect the bilateral border points in every ten years. he said.

During the third border inspection, it was decided to place border pillars for the clarity of border demarcation. Preparations are on to resolve the issue on tri-juncture towards the west.

Nepal Communist Party’s Ram Narayan Bidari, Prakash Pantha of Nepali Congress and Socialist Party’s Pramila Kumari suggested actions against any undue moves capable of jeopardising the friendship between two countries. They also inquired about the state of country’s diplomatic relations with India in the aftermath of publication of the country’s revised political and administrative map.

In response to suggestions, the Minister said lawmakers’ statement in the parliament should be based on facts. Misinformation may appear in media time and again, but such lawmakers presenting views just being merely based on such reports without further study on the issue and verification will not end in a positive note, according to him.

He went on to say the government was in constant touch with India to resolve the disputes emerged after Nepal published the updated map and both countries have good relations. ”We are confident that the dispute would be resolved through diplomatic efforts. No move capable of causing implication on Nepal-India multi-dimensional relations will be taken. The government is aware of any untoward tension between the two neighbors and support from all quarters are required for the same.”

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