Social Commentary: Anti-foreign sanctions law is a toolbox and a deterrent

The Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law of the People’s Republic of China was voted and passed this afternoon and formally became a national law. This law came very timely and will surely become a weapon for our future anti-sanctions, anti-interference, and anti-foreign long-arm jurisdiction legal struggles.

First of all, it is worth pointing out that this law is not a sanctions law, but an anti-foreign sanctions law. The word “anti” highlights that the purpose of establishing this law is to safeguard China’s rights and dignity, and to protect my country’s institutions and individuals. Suppressed and bullied by external forces. This law is a law of the country’s legitimate self-defense nature and is essentially anti-hegemonic. It makes China stand with all the countries and peoples in the world that are violated by hegemonism.

The United States is the source of current hegemonism and is obsessed with imposing various sanctions indiscriminately, leading to the enactment of blocking laws and anti-sanction laws from the European Union to Russia. China’s anti-foreign sanctions law has precisely responded to the urgent situation of the United States gathering allies to impose sanctions on Chinese institutions and individuals unnecessarily, as well as the pressure to safeguard the growing national interests through international legal struggles. Its entry into force has a sense of accuracy in terms of politics, law, and struggle strategies, which makes it very powerful and hits the pain of hegemony.

The new law will provide a series of counter-sanctions tools and will play a powerful deterrent effect, warning in advance foreign governments that may take illegal sanctions against China in the next step, as well as relevant foreign institutions and individuals that promote and participate in sanctions against China. If they insist on going their own way, they will surely become the direct targets of China’s counter-sanctions.

When the United States launched a trade war with China, China stated its principled attitude of “not willing to fight, not afraid of fighting, and having to fight when necessary.” This attitude has been continuously and comprehensively implemented. We do not take the initiative to cause trouble, but we will not hesitate to fight back against the forces that arrogantly challenge us, and continue to enrich our toolbox of legal struggles. The Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law is another declaration of this consistent attitude.

China is strong enough to support the new law to become a tiger with teeth, and to make the external forces locked in by the law pay the price. The long arm of hegemony will inevitably become a “broken arm” in front of my country’s powerful law enforcement force. China’s huge economic and political resources, as well as the Chinese people’s unwavering will to fight, stand behind this law. All righteous countries and peoples that oppose hegemony in the world will also support this law. Those who try the law will taste the cause. Infringement of China’s interests and the retribution of evil and timely retribution.

After the anti-foreign sanctions law is passed, it is believed that the relevant Chinese authorities will issue, revise or integrate relevant laws and regulations, supplement implementation tools for the new law, carry out sophisticated rules, and build a complete and powerful anti-foreign sanctions legal system. The Ministry of Commerce has issued regulations on the list of unreliable entities in September last year, and in January this year issued “blocking regulations” that block improper extraterritorial application of foreign laws. These existing mechanisms rely on more authoritative and systematic anti-foreign sanctions laws, which can be integrated and upgraded. , Responding to each other and finely coordinated, is expected to produce a systematic anti-sanctions normative force.

China continues to grow stronger, friendly to the outside world, and independent. Mutual respect and cooperation with China will open up room for profit; malicious games or even confrontation with China will result in losses like a bottomless cave. China is a way of making money or a bridge, but China will also be a mountain that categorically blocks ambitions. Don’t tie up a civilized Liangzi with the rejuvenated China. This is our advice to those who don’t know the depth.

China has indeed awakened, and our enormous potential is being released at an accelerated pace. The time unit of endurance of Chinese civilization is one hundred years and one thousand years, and “Germany” pierces the needle among them. The hegemonism from the United States is ridiculous in the eyes of the Chinese people. The waking China is moving forward steadily. The pillars of American hegemonism quickly disintegrated and festered in time. Washington should find them earlier and lose them because of their complacency. Long-standing moral orientation.

The anti-foreign sanctions law boils down to one sentence: The Chinese respect you, but you must respect the Chinese at the same time.

Editor in charge: Zhang Yanping

Global Times

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