Ruling coalition for constitution, stability, prosperity’

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Kathmandu, Oct. 21: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has viewed that the ruling coalition was formed as per the need of the country.

Inaugurating the provincial level meeting of the cadres of the ruling parties organized by the parties in the ruling coalition in Pokhara today, PM Deuba, also the Nepali Congress president, made it clear that the ruling coalition was for the protection of the constitution, stability and prosperity.

He expressed his confidence that the ruling coalition will emerge victorious in the election to be held on November 20 to ensure the protection of the constitution, stability, prosperity and inclusion.

“Inclusion ensures national unity and a country can be strong by national unity. Present polity ensures representation of all,” said the PM.

He urged the party cadres to avoid words and actions that might trigger bitterness among the ruling parties and not cast any doubt on the ruling coalition. “We have come together as there is no possibility for one party emerging victorious.”

He said the victory of the ruling coalition will also ensure opportunities for all.

-TRN Online

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