Active efforts to reduce child marriages in Sinja

By Netra Shahi, Jumla, Dec 19: The local government has been making tremendous efforts to reduce child marriage in Sinja Valley, Jumla, which is considered a heavily child marriage area.

Child marriage invites multiple marriages and domestic violence, therefore, a study was carried out on child marriage to prevent it from happening. The work has been conducted based on the report.

Child marriage is being reduced by conducting a study on child marriage in the leadership of the local government and making a report public. The report was made after a three-year, 2020, 2021 and 2022, study on the issue of child marriage by three levels of government of Sinja area, Sinja, Hima and Kanaksundari, with the collaboration of PLAN Nepal and Collaboration Action for Dignity (CAD) Nepal. A report shows that child marriages are decreasing in the area.

Reducing child marriage

As per the report, the highest percentage, 95 per cent, of child marriages in total marriage, were recorded in the Hima Rural Municipality in the year 2020. A total of 583 marriages were listed as child marriage in a total of 769 marriage registrations in Hima Rural Municipality, Jumla, in 2020 AD. Of which, 123 in ward-1, 95 in Ward 2, 103 in Ward 3, 32 in Ward 4, 95 in Ward 5, 63 in Ward 6, and 69 in Ward, are the child marriage number.

As per the report, of the total of 194 marriages registered in the Hima Rural Municipality in 2021 AD, 136 were child marriages. Of these, 37 child marriages were in Ward 1, 10 in Ward 2, 36 in Ward 3, 21 in Ward 4, 16 in Ward 5, 11 in Ward 6, and 15 in Ward 7.

Likewise, of the total 144 marriage registered 36 was reported to be child marriages in the year 2022. No child marriage was recorded in Ward 1, six in Ward 2, three in Ward 3, three in Ward 4, one in Ward 5, 13 in Ward 6 and 10 in Ward 7.

It is mentioned that 160 marriage was registered in in Sinja Rural Municipality in 2021, of them, 117 were child marriages. There were 23 child marriages in ward 1, 12 in ward 2, 16 in ward 3, 20 in ward 4, 22 in ward 5, 24 in ward 6. As per the report, 73 per cent of total marriages were child marriages.

Likewise, of the total 141 marriages registered in Sinja Rural Municipality, 67 were child marriages in the year 2022.

Purna Prasad Dhital, Chairperson of the Sinja Rural Municipality, said that persistent efforts are being made to reduce child marriages. He said that different programs and activities are in line with reducing child marriage as per the study on child marriage from 2020 with the support of PLAN Nepal and CAD.

Likewise, as per the report, a total of 773 marriages were registered in the Kankasundari Rural Municipality in 2020, of which, 446 were child marriages, making it 58 percent. Similarly, in the year 2021, 94 were child marriages in a total of 156 marriages. 31 were child marriages of total 124 marriages in 2022, which is, 25 per cent.

The report shows that child marriage is reduced in the Sinja area.

In the year 2020 Ward 1 of Hima Rural Municipality, held the highest number of child marriages in the year 2020. It is reduced to zero in 2022.

Ratan Bahadur Shahi, ward chair-1, said that child marriage has been wiped out from ward 1. We, people’s representatives, have decided to not attend marriages in case of underage bride and groom.

Likewise, ward 2 of Sinja Rural Municipality is planning to eliminate child marriage in their ward.

Tirtha, Wad, ward chair of Sinja Rural Municipality -2, said that one can get married only after getting registration from the ward.

Preparations of the report on child marriage of the year 2023 are underway.
-TRN Online

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