Chaudhary vows to return land in case of law violation

Kathmandu, Feb 3: A businessperson Arun Chaudhary arrested in connection with embezzlement of land belonging to the Bansbari Leather and Shoes Factory has vowed to return land if the land acquisition was found illegal.

Information on this was shared by an investigation officer involved in recording the statement of detained businessperson Chaudhary.

The statement is being recorded in the presence of the Chief of the District Attorney Office, Kathmandu, Sandesh Shrestha, according to the Superintendent of Police from the Central Bureau of Investigation, Nabaraj Adhikari.

Police had arrested businessperson Chaudhary, then executive chair of Shoe Factory, Ajitnarayan Singh Thapa, and proprietor of Champion Footwear Pvt and CG Chandvag Residency, Sanjay Thakur, in the same case. The investigation has been forwarded after detainment.

SSP at CIB, Dinesh Raj Acharya, viewed, “The arrest is made after a long investigation. So, it is not a hasty action.” (RSS)

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