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We live in a vibrant digital age marked by the spontaneous and fast flow of information, ideas, knowledge and data across the boundless virtual world. Online media has brought qualitative changes to the journalism landscape dominated by the corporate media houses.

With mushrooming social media and networking sites, common readers have also found it difficult to sift fact from fiction, risking themselves being misled by fake and fabricated messages.

Political and commercial interest groups fund and manipulate the media organisations to suit their hidden goals which can lead the innocent readers up the garden path. Social media have terribly been abused to create false images and myths to exploit the gullible masses.

This has posed a big challenge to the responsible media in catering authentic news and opinion to the public, and guiding them through the right information highway.

Nonetheless, it must not be averred that all the new media have failed to fulfill their duty towards the citizens. Many are serving the people by practicing the professional ethics, norms and values of journalism.

Amidst the thick presence of countless digital papers, Himalayan Tribune strives to be a constructive media platform for the creative engagement of readers, analysts and thinkers.

We stand for progressive ideas, patriotism, inclusive democracy and fair international order.

We want to tell the readers the truth in a direct way. Himalayan Tribune pledges to be a meaningful public forum for the articulation of critical voice against distortion of truth, false consciousness and manufacturing of consent.

We do not compete for scoops but try to present unvarnished viewpoints and comments on the issues of public concerns.

We expect valuable inputs and support from our sovereign readers to better fulfill our duty and stay afloat in the competitive media world.

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