Scams, Fraudulence Galore

Kathmandu, Jan 14:
“I am Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s man but I got three projects during K.P. Sharma Oli’s tenure”.

“My wife’s home is Bhadrapur. Olijee (K.P. Sharma Oli), therefore, addresses me as Jwai (son-in-law).

“I play with the bureaucracy. How the tenders are being rewarded, you all are aware!”
The above is the dialogue between Aanandaraj Batas and a journalist working for Prime TV. Batas was captured in a sting operation of the TV channel.

The above conversation makes clear that how the businessmen and brokers manipulate the political leaders and bureaucracy by bribing them.

Surprisingly, controversial lady Arju Rana Deuba, Deuba’s spouse, is one among the advisors of the Batas Foundation, which, Arju has declined after expose of the Batas Group’s scam.

Earlier, we had claimed that the country is run by some half a dozen brokers who can enter the prime minister’s bedroom directly, no matter, who and from which political party, is the prime minister.

The duty and job of those brokers are to pay a donation in advance to the prime minister and other ministers and exploit the government property.

The Batas Group is found running a three-star hotel at a Dharamshala under the Pashupati Area Development Trust by paying a nominal amount as revenue.
Accordingly, the Batas Group had acquired permission to run a restaurant and bar inside the Narayanhitty Royal Palace by paying a nominal amount as revenue. Through a bureaucratic setting, the three companies belonging to the same group had bid tender to acquire permission to run a restaurant in the prime and historically important place.

Earlier, the Yeti Group was found capturing one after another project in prime locations by paying a nominal amount as revenue to the government. The Yeti Group has captured the Gokarna Resort by paying a nominal amount as revenue to the government. The Group has also captured a prime land in front of the main gate of the Narayanhitty Royal Palace, the personal property of late King Birendra. Many other government properties were also been captured by the Yeti Group by paying a nominal amount of revenue.

Not a surprise, businessmen want to make money through their innovations. We should appreciate their idea but the question is that the political leaders and senior bureaucrats, by taking personal benefit, are found providing government properties in prime locations in a negligible amount to the government. This is the daylight loot on the government coffer in association with senior bureaucrats and political leaders.

Permission to run a bar inside the historical Royal Palace is itself a wrong decision of the then government. But, by receiving a bribe, the bureaucrats and political leaders are not hesitant in taking such a decision even without studying the benefit to the nation and the government and the impact of such a venture!

Today, the Batas Group’s chairman is confidently saying that he knows better how to manipulate those political leaders and bureaucracy to occupy such projects! In another television programme, the chairman of the Group, Ananda Batas, responding a question that how he gets such lucrative projects, had replied that without bribing the political leaders and bureaucrats, nothing is possible in Nepal.

The Batas Group, as well as the political leaders and bureaucrats, are equally responsible for punishment but who to punish them as the entire system is corrupt!

Earlier, we witnessed the manipulation of a hefty amount of money on the Airbus procurement deal. Senior leaders of all the political parties have remained silent on the case as all of them have enjoyed the commission amount.

We saw the formation of a probe committee against smuggling of 32 kg gold from the Tribhuvan International Airport. The report was submitted to then Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli and then that was disappeared.

We saw manipulation of the Omni Group while purchasing emergency medical equipment for the treatment of the Covid patients. The then prime minister bluntly said that there was no commission deal on the purchase of the emergency medicines.

We are witnessing the drama of the Lalita Niwas land scam in Baluatar, just behind the Prime Minister’s official residence. How the government land was transferred to private ownership by producing fake documents, is an example. We saw the involvement of influential political leaders including then prime ministers Madhav Nepal and Baburam Bhattarai. However, of late, the report prepared by the Crime Investigation Bureau under the Nepal Police has decided to forgive those political leaders. If the political leaders, who are involved in policy corruption will not be brought under legal action, the corruption practice will never be ended. And taking action against those political leaders is not possible under the present system as corruption and commission are the bases of the present political system.

The CIB had presented the report to the Attorney General’s office after an investigation of three years but the Office, instead of filing the case to the court on behalf of the government, has sent back the report to the CIB saying that the investigation is incomplete. It has been done to give clean chit to all those who were involved in the crime of looting the nation’s property. Without a setting and financial dealing, it is impossible.

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