Discount In Electricity Tariff, Concession For Aviation, Construction Industry

By Gopal Chandra Subedi

Kathmandu, May 28: The government has managed to provide various discounts on electricity consumption, considering the COVID-19 crisis.

“Electricity consumption up to one unit would be free of cost, discount up to 25 per cent would be provided for consumption up to 150 unit and 15 per cent discount would be provided for consumption up to 250 unit,” said Dr Yubraraj Khatiwada while presenting the budget for Fiscal Year 2020/21 before the joint session at Federal Parliament today.

Dr Khatiwada said that the demand cost collected from industries had been waived until COVID-19 crisis and the electricity consumption tariff would be discounted by 50 per cent.

Likewise, the government has discounted in tax rate of parking cost, license renewal and infrastructure cost of aviation companies.

“Targeting the contractors, the contract tenure and tenure of bank guarantee would be extended until lockdown,” said Dr Khatiwada.

He also mentioned that beginner fund would be established for those willing to operate innovative enterprise to provide loan in two per cent interest rate.

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