Nationwide Lockdown: 8 decisions will be enforced from 6 AM tomorrow

These 8 decisions will be implemented from 6AM tomorrow

No one should go out except for medical emergencies and food purchases.

All kinds of public and private vehicles are banned except for the permitted vehicles, and those used by medical professionals and security agencies.

All domestic flights are halted except for the ones used by the security agencies and other designated flights.

Related heads of offices should grant a leave except for the most essential services like health, security, food, water, milk, electricity, telecommunication, information and communication, customs, quarantine, garbage management.

Except for drugs and health equipment manufacturing, food, water, milk, energy companies, all other private industries grant a leave to workers and staff.

Businesses should manage ways to supply drugs and drugs-related material. Those hoarding goods, creating artificial shortage, black marketers, and obstructing supplies will be punished as per the law, and those goods will be confiscated and used in medical treatments.

This order is implemented as per the Infectious Disease Act, 2020’s Subsection 2 of Section 2. To implement this order, all chief district officers will be mobilized and the Local administration Act, 2028 will be activated.

Those disobeying or obstructing the order as per the Infectious Disease Act, 2020 will be punished as mentioned in the Act.

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