Moscow Vaccinates Its Population Against COVID-19

Since last Saturday, Russian health workers and teachers are going to Moscow hospitals to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (Sputnik-V) as the vaccination campaign’s first phase takes place throughout the country.

“I’m tired of living in fear,” high school teacher Olga said before receiving the vaccine at Hospital 191, which is one of the 70 vaccination centers in Moscow set up to vaccinate people between 18 and 60 years.

Over the last days, Moscow’s health system has vaccinated at least 6,000 people belonging to high-risk groups. Using the internet, people interested in getting the Sputnik V vaccine request an appointment at health centers, which receive patients from eight in the morning until eight at night.

The Hospital 191 Director Maria Sokolova explained that people do not wait more than 15 minutes before receiving the injection. Afterward, however, they must remain in a restroom for half an hour.

She also mentioned that pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding their children cannot get vaccinated. Nor will health workers vaccinate those who have received a vaccine for another disease in the last 30 days.

The Gamaleya Center Director Alexandr Guintsburg assured that Russia will produce at least 6 million doses per month from January 2021. If this happens, 70 percent of the population will be vaccinated until November 2021.

Sputnik-V has already reached all regions of the country, except for Chukotka and Magadan, which are in the extreme east of Siberia.

Moscow will soon open a new vaccine factory to supply the capital. Before the end of the year, about 100,000 Russian Army soldiers will be vaccinated.


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