Oli made offer of prime minister to break opposition alliance: Madhav Kumar Nepal

KATHMANDU, June 5: At a time when a section of leaders with the ruling CPN-UML have been maintaining in public that the party’s unity must be saved even if this means offering the post of prime minister to the rival faction leader, senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal, who leads the rival faction within the party, has claimed that he had rejected the offer made by the establishment faction of the party to become prime minister.

Speaking in an interaction with political reporters organized by the opposition alliance in the capital on Saturday, former Prime Minister Nepal, who was expelled from the party, said the offer was made for nothing but to break the alliance they made to fight against the autocracy of Oli. Although he was expelled by the party, Nepal also said that he decided to become part of the opposition alliance in his capacity as a rebel within the UML to fight against the autocracy of Chairman K P Oli.

Senior leader Nepal also revealed that he has already received an offer to become prime minister if he decided to withdraw signatures of the lawmakers in the writ petitions filed by Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba in the Supreme Court. “Nothing will happen by offering me the post of prime minister now. K P Oli has already formed a rightist coalition. We can pardon him if corrects himself to become Buddha or Balmiki. The treachery of Oli has not only made exhausted but also the entire country,” he added.

Nepal also said that they are not going to betray the opposition alliance just because Oli tries to lure them with some promises. “The confidence of Madhav Nepal has continued to increase. It is natural if a person has stepped on the proper ground. Madhav Nepal is not a person to betray anyone. There will be no betrayal in this alliance,” he further said.

Nepal argued that they decided to be rebel leaders to defeat the ambition of Prime Minister Oli to become an absolute dictator when the process to elect a new prime minister as per Article 76(5) began. “Our voice is the rebel voice within the UM. This is a revolutionary voice. It seems even a democratic process gives rise to a dictator. K P Oli is one such dictator,” he said.

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