Joint appeal to vote for coalition parties for safeguarding constitution

Kathmandu, Oct 18: The five-party ruling coalition has appealed to the voters to realize the essence of the coalition so as to meet national aspirations of good governance and prosperity through democracy, constitution and rule of law and emerge the coalition partners victorious in the upcoming elections.

On behalf of the coalition, Prime Minister and Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba, CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairperson Madhav Kumar Nepal jointly issued the appeal on Tuesday.

In the appeal, the coalition constituent parties have expressed their commitment to strengthen nationality, competitive multiparty democracy, socialism, human rights, adult franchise, periodic election, the principle of separation of powers and federal democratic republican forms of governance as envisaged by the Constitution through the elections to the members of the House of Representatives and Province Assembly set for November 20.

This is the shared and clear ideological foundation and base for collaboration of democratic alliance. “The objective of the five-party coalition that was established in 2078 BS was to overcome several autocratic moves of the then head of the government including unconstitutional dissolution of the House of Representatives twice against the letter and spirit of the federal democratic republican Constitution of the country and safeguard the Constitution”, the appeal noted.

It is stated that the incumbent government had successfully accomplished the local elections in a free and fair manner so as to institutionalize democracy by fully assuring constitutional rights in a short span of time and is also committed to conducting the upcoming general elections in an impartial and fearless environment.

Also, the coalition parties have clarified the rationale of the existence of the coalition until the threat of regression was in place when there was intimidation of authoritarian attack.

The coalition parties have pledged that they would place high importance on realizing the national responsibility of building a self-reliant economy by creating opportunities for production and employment within the country through good governance and effective service delivery.

“It is highly important for the government to be formed after upcoming elections to address the people’s aspiration for prosperity without any delay and dillydallying. In doing so, the priorities of the coalition parties are clear. Modernization of agriculture, production increment and marketization, infrastructure development and tourism promotion, rapid industrialization and substitution of import and promotion of export for minimizing trade deficit and development of hydropower having competitive benefits and potentials”, the appeal stated.

The coalition partners would adopt the policy of attracting foreign direct investment in the country’s favour by increasing adequate private, cooperative and public investment. The coalition parties are well-aware of the need for enabling environment, political stability and policy assurance for such investment, the appeal stated.

The parties have also expressed commitment to ensure adequate reforms in the availability and quality of services by enhancing investment in the education and health sectors. As noted the coalition would pursue an independent and non-aligned foreign policy to cater to the need and interests of the country. The coalition government comprising the democratic forces of the country would be continuously effortful to develop a shared national perspective, the appeal stated. (RSS)

-TRN Online

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