NCP Decides To Amend Party Statute To Accommodate Gautam

Kathmandu, Dec. 9: The ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) has initiated a process to amend its statute to insert the provision of vice-chairman in the party central committee.
A meeting of the party secretariat of NCP held at Dhumbarai on Monday decided to amend the party statue to add the post of vice-chairman as per the earlier decision of the party secretariat meeting.
The party secretariat meeting held on August 16 had proposed to appoint party leader Bam Dev Gautam to the post of party vice-chairman by making the required amendment to the party statue.
Talking to journalists after the meeting, party spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha said that the proposal of the statue amendment would be implemented after its approval from the Standing Committee and Central Committee meetings.
He said that the party secretariat would prepare the amendment proposal as per the direction of the Standing Committee and the decision of the party secretariat.
He said that the secretariat had prepared a proposal to make a strategic goal and basic programmes for scientific socialism and socialism-oriented people’s democracy as immediate work plan of the party.
Similarly, the secretariat also decided to incorporate the provisions of valley coordination committee and special committees in the party statue.
The meeting also directed the party committees of the districts, where the recent by-election had held, to submit their review report within five days.
Similarly, the organisation department of the party submitted a proposal of its work plan in the meeting today.
According to Shrestha, secretariat members would give suggestions to party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachnada from their side and the latter would finalise the proposal in coordination with the department so that next meeting of the secretariat could approve it.
The secretariat has given the responsibility to the central organisation department to settle the disputes seen in organisations of different lower committees.
The Party secretariat also directed the chiefs and the deputy chiefs of party central authorities and departments to submit their proposal to give these authorities a full shape within seven days.
The meeting rejected the resignation submitted by party secretariat of Karnali State and directed him to return to the work.
The secretariat meeting also decided to call the meeting of the party Standing Committee on December 15.

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