Automobiles Replace Bullock Carts In Terai

By Yadav Raj Puri, Rautahat, Jan 23: Bullock carts have now become a rare scene on the roads of Terai Madhes. Automobiles have slowly taken over the Terai’s traditional means of transportation. Until two decades ago, bollock carts were major means of transport in the southern plains across the country.

Senior citizens in Rautahat can remember the days when bullock carts used to be the only transport there. It was used to transport manure to fields and ripe crops back home, grass for livestock and wood for fire along with many other things required for households.

“Bullock carts were not only limited to transport things. From transporting a group of people from one place to another, they were also used during weddings. Even bride and bridegroom used to travel on it,” said Lal Bahadur Puri, a senior citizen of Chandrapur Municipality.

Puri did not only see how carts used to transport things and people with either one or two ox pulling it but also saw how automobiles took over them.

“As the number of motorcycles, jeeps, cars, buses and trucks increased, everyone stopped using bullock carts. New technologies have changed our society in many aspects,” said Puri.

As bullock carts started facing decline, the ones who used to make them were forced to change their occupation.

“In this day and age, people prefer automobiles. Bullock carts have now disappeared. Moreover, people have stopped rearing oxen nowadays,” said Birendra Lohar of Chandrapur Municipality who had made more than 200 carts earlier.

“There were enough people who used to make carts earlier. However, they had to change their profession to earn and live as the carts were no longer needed,” said Lohar, who has been working as a carpenter after the displacement of carts.

(fro The Rising Nepal)

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