Actress Sharma Slams Subedi For Using Harsh Words

Kathmandu, Aug. 10: Actress Pooja Sharma has become victim of trolls following a television interview taken by journalist Prakash Subedi. In a viral short clip, interviewer Subedi asked Pooja how many districts and states are in Nepal and her answer was 14 districts and 72 states.

The interview was taken before the lockdown while Pooja was promoting her film “Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu”.
After the troll reached its peak, Pooja admitted her weakness about her general knowledge, but people in the film industry have expressed dissatisfaction after Subedi started slamming the same actress on various other issues.
In a recent television show “Rajatpat”, Subedi again made a harsh comment on physical appearance of the Nepali actress, specially targeting Pooja Sharma without mentioning her name.

In his show, Subedi said, “The interviewer himself, the speaker herself, and we have to edit the interview, and make a great heroine out of it who even has a straggled tooth. On his remarks on the physical appearance, actress Reecha Sharma raised her voice against journalist Subedi without mentioning his name.

Reecha took to social media and wrote, “You have strangled tooth, you are so black, you have an unattractive body, how do you feel when you hear such words spoken by a presenter on a national television?” Reecha also mentioned that as an actress and before that as a woman, she was often tormented by anger, inferiority and instability when she was taught how to live, how to fit into society, how to walk and speak.

Actress Sharma has written, “We have become artistes with our hard work and ability. No one has to make us a superstar.” When people have chosen the path of arrogance and pride to call themselves as guardians, even those who claim to be superior have to abdicate the throne, she added targeting to Subedi who has been broadcasting a film-based television show for a long time.

Giving an example of a Bollywood actress, when she became hit, she received love and admiration from everyone, she was happy then, but when she stopped getting films, she put camera on tripod and filmed herself, while shooting, at the beginning she laughed and then dreadfully cried, with this reference, Subedi warned the Nepali actress saying “Do not be proud of your condition, it is like the moon which appears in the full moon day and disappears in the half moon day.”

Regarding the statement, actress Sharma said, “The fault lies in his attitude, teach him, moon doesn’t disappear in the half moon but light falls in different places, moon looks beautiful amid the stains.
After Subedi’s harsh comments, actress Pooja lashed out and said how much to remain silent and how much to endure”. With a question she asked could a journalist use such a rude, indecent words in a national television?

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