Govt Policy And Programme: Focus On Protection Of Domestic Industry

Kathmandu, May 24: The policy and programme for the fiscal year 2022/23 has focused specifically on the protection of domestic industry and boosting the private sector to trigger economic growth.

Unveiling the government policy and programme for the upcoming fiscal year, President Bidya Devi Bhandari said that priority will be given to the green economy while promoting industry.

Nepali Industry, Nepali Market campaign will be initiated, she said.

Some highlights:

Prime Minister Productivity enhancement and consumption Programme will be initiated.

As in the past years, Make in Nepal Made in Nepal will be promoted with the support of the private sector.

Autonomy and authority of the Unified one door facility will be provided to attract more foreign investment.

Antidumping and safeguarding laws will be implemented effectively to protect the domestic industry.

Foreign investment will be promoted to enhance the tourism industry.

Cooperation and coordination with the Private sector will be ensured for the commercial generation and distribution of electricity.

Emphasis is to be given to the maximum utilization of internal resources.

Project implementation will be delegated to provincial and local levels except for National Pride Project and strategic project.

Specific rules and regulations will be formulated to effectively enhance capital expenditure.

Agriculture will be slated as a top priority for economic growth. A New Agriculture policy will be implemented. Organic agriculture farming will be promoted. Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization program will be restructured. Rubber farming will be promoted. Due Subsidy will be provided to sugarcane farmers.

The government will play a necessary role to facilitate land for the development projects.

The government will increase public expenditure for the construction of megaprojects and create a conducive business environment.

A unified programme from the farm to the industry will be established.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari has said that the national identity card will be issued after identifying the needy families.

She said that 90 kilometres of the embankment will be constructed next year.

Addressing a joint sitting of the federal parliament, the President said that a ‘Make in Nepal and Made in Nepal’ campaign would be launched.

Mid-day meal to be provided up to grade 8, model schools at each local level

Students up to grade studying in public schools will get a mid-day meals free of cost.

Bhandari also said that the government will work for ensuring access to and quality of education for all.

Quality of education will be ensured, improvement will be made in courses from primary to higher schools, school premises development and minimal infrastructure development will be ensured, and teachers in community schools will be appointed as per the need, especially in subjects like math, science and technology, she said.

Model schools will be made at every local level, she said.

The presidential education reform program will be revised as per the need.


Health hostesses will be appointed in all schools.

Madarasha education to be brought into mainstream teaching and learning while ensuring needed teachers, and equipment in Gurukul, Gumba and madarasha.

Students from the Dalit and minorities, remote areas, and humble backgrounds will be provided hostel support in the provinces.

Education to be ensured for children of martyrs and children affected in civil wars.

Technical education will be introduced from grade 9 till high school.

Working while studying will be strengthened so that students from humble backgrounds will get the opportunity of schooling.

Universities will be coordinated and will be aided in infrastructures, investigative teaching, teaching and research will be emphasized.

Aid given to universities will be based on ratings given as per skilled manpower generated by the universities.

“Center of Excellence,” will be the motto behind every school and university.

Two medical establishments will be set up in each province

A medical college to be established in Dadeldhura and an increment of students in medical schools will be ensured.

Adolescents to get free vaccine against cervical cancer

The government has come up with a policy to provide free vaccines to adolescents against cervical cancer.

President Vidya Devi Bhandarithat the government would provide free kits for screening for cervical cancer.

She said that a unified health information unit will be established in all hospitals, strong laws will be made for securing medical personnel’s and staff, records to be kept for each death and mortality that occurred in each hospital, and vaccine against COVID-19 to be administered in children aged 5-1, disease prevention via general health awareness program.


Breast cancer treatment to be made accessible and cheap. A blood donation campaign will be organised at all levels. Public hospitals in major cities are to be made well equipped to address the needs of patients.

Foreign testing of diseases to be made if not possible in-country. Prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases will also be prioritized.

Private sectors urged in investing for quality health care.

Counseling is to be established for differently able people and chronic patients.

Medical College will be built in the Dadeldhura district and two medical colleges will be ensured in each province, while medical learning will be made accessible to many students.

Investors to be attracted in manufacturing, productive sector

RSS adds: The government will encourage investors to invest in manufacturing sectors for the development and expansion of the capital market.

Addressing a joint sitting of the federal parliament today, President Bidya Devi Bhandari said that for the development and expansion of the capital market attraction for investors in the manufacturing sector would be increased and the capacity of the regulatory body would be enhanced.

Similarly, it is mentioned in the government’s policy and program that the credit rating of Nepal will be completed in the coming fiscal year and insurance will be linked with production and productivity.

-TRN Online

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