Chinese Embassy Asks Its Citizens Here To Abide By Law

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Kathmandu, May 8: The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu Friday asked its citizens stranded in Nepal to strictly abide by the laws and regulations of Nepal, and express their reasonable demands rationally and in accordance with the laws.
The embassy’s statement came after Nepal police arrested 47 Chinese nationals, including 16 women who had protested in front of Singha Durbar, central secretariat of federal Nepal.
They were released later in the evening in the presence of Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. Five out of 47 were the employees of the Chinese company. The cops had to use force to control the agitating Chinese, who had clashed with the cops. Some Chinese protestors had held play cards that contain: “Want to go back home.”
These Chinese had demanded that the Chinese government take them back home after prolonged lockdown in Nepal made their stay difficult, with a problem of managing day-to-day costs here.
It said that in consultation and cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the Nepali police, the incident had been properly dealt with.

A press statement issued by the spokesman of the Chinese embassy stated that in regard to the lockdown implemented by the Nepali side during the pandemic of COVID-19, the Chinese Embassy had repeatedly reminded the Chinese citizens to cooperate with the measures, avoid unnecessary going out and wait patiently for the lift on flight suspension.

“Meanwhile we requested the Nepali side to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizens,” it said.
The press statement reads: “Due to the large number of the Chinese citizens stranded in Nepal, the Chinese side has coordinated and arranged temporary flights to take about 340 persons with difficulties back to China. We would like to express gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Civil Aviation Authority, Department of Tourism, Department of Immigration, Customs, Police and other departments of Nepal for their great assistance. Due to limited flight capacity, many Chinese citizens are still stranded in Nepal.

Especially when the Nepali side announced to suspend regular international flights until May 31st, these Chinese citizens expressed their appeals for returning home through various channels. We will maintain communication with the Nepali side. At this difficult time for the pandemic, we believe that China and Nepal can understand each other and jointly handle various incidents caused by the lockdown measures.”

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