‘SCO media should play positive role in promoting fair international relations’

Ritu Raj Subedi

In a West-dominated global media domain, it is extremely challenging to create an alternative media discourse essential to provide objective news and unvarnished views on the national and international issues to the readers/audience.

The people want to read, listen, view and share news and opinion pieces that are not guided by vested interest of capital and geopolitics. It is a time to build a fair information global order that ensures right perspective of events and enhances broader understanding and harmony among the people globally.

In order to promote the flow of accurate information and analyses, Global Times Online recently hosted 2022 China-SCO New Media Webinar attended by around 50 journalists from 21 nations.

The Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation Commission (GNFCC) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has entrusted Global Times Online to hold the interactive webinar. Chinese media experts presented their papers on diverse themes such as media cooperation among the SCO nations, emergence of metaverse, digital media, and rise of Z Generations, among others.

Chinese media compete with Western media: Ding Gang

“This is a world of exploding information, a world of rapid change, and a world of great uncertainty. But the world also needs the information we journalists provide, the judgment we make and the path we provide to recognize uncertainty,” said Ding Gang, Senior Adviser, Global Times.

Stating that Chinese media outlets are in a long-term competition with their Western counterparts, Ding said when the story changes, the world also changes in the age of integrated media.
“We have moved away from the old Cold War framework, which traditionally relied on military balance to reach parity, and created a new way of peaceful coexistence,” he said.

What matters most is no longer just how quickly you can cover a story, but how you can get your audience to pay attention to the news you are covering, Ding noted, adding that audiences around the world learned what is happening in SCO countries mostly from Western media outlets and this trend should come to an end.
He has called on the Chinese and SCO media for playing positive role in international relations.

In metaverse, virtual reality will become part of reality: Dr Ji Deqiang

Professor Dr Ji Deqiang, who is Vice Dean at the Institute for a Community with Shared Future, in his presentation, ‘Metaverse and the Future of Media,’ said that modern media has been an industrialized and institutionalized system.

“But in metaverse, media becomes an application characterised by multiple transitions from media to application, from news reporting to information service, from offline to hybrid to virtual, from human-centrism to data-centrism and from independence to embeddeness,” Ji said.

He noted that journalism is a profession for quality communication.

Stating that digitization, and platformization have changed landscape of media industry, metaverse is a digital twin and the rebuild of new media industry.

“Authenticity, balance, and responsibility form the code of media profession while the truth and rationality is the basis of democratic communication.”

For quality communication, there should be effective reach to the public (mass dissemination), sorted information (agenda-setting), news / truth making mechanism (public credibility) and elitist but organized mass communication and public deliberation.

In metaverse, virtual reality will become part of reality. It involves virtual, visual, intelligent and global communication.

Generation Z open to accept unfamiliar things: Zhang Danshan

Zhang Danshan, deputy director of China Youth Daily, made her presentation on the concept of Generation Z and content creation for younger audiences. She said that people born between 1995 and 2010 are Gen Z, who accounted for 32 per cent (2.4 billion) of the world population in 2019.

Zhang said that Gen Z bears common characteristics. They depend on internet and mobile phones, heavily use social media such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, have distinct view points and liable to go to extremes, short attention span and specific and exclusionary blocs. They are well-educated and have more spending power and prefer reference for entertainment and virtual consumption.

She said that they are more open to accept unfamiliar things and have a passion for political and social public affairs but focus on personal survival and development, value self-perception, disregard authority, rules and tradition. “They welcome discussion rather than conclusion, enjoy interaction and engagement. It’s hard for them to accumulate wealth. They worry more about the future. They differ from the previous generation.”

Internet users about to saturate: Xi Qing

Xi Qing, Chief Reporter, Xinhua News Agency and Executive CEO of Xinhua.net App, presented her paper entitled ‘Thinking Through Digital Economy on Media Ecology.’ Xi said that the digital media ecology has undergone a sea change.

“Mobile and internet users are about to saturate. PC, WAP, and mobile public domain traffic touches the ceiling. Giants increase support for private domain traffic. High-quality private domain traffic requires high-quality content and exclusive features as support,” she said.

According to her, internet population structure has changed, with Gen-Z gradually becoming a considerable force.
She presented domestic market-oriented media innovation products created to provide real and reliable epidemic-related information in a timely manner.

He said that journalists should stick to value and cut off noise so as to maintain the credibility of news. “Deepen interaction, improve feedback from “take a glance” to “ask a question”. Improve the quality, pay for content, users are not limited to reading for free and are willing to pay for the contents.”

(The author is the Deputy Executive editor of The Rising Nepal.)

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