PM Prachanda to inquire MCC officials about explanatory note’s status

Butwal, Aug. 29: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that he would take information from the MCC officials whether the 12-point explanatory note as endorsed by Nepal’s parliament will be part of the note of the agreement.

He explained that the 12-point note on the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)-Nepal Compact was endorsed with a view to taking foreign aid without compromising on national sovereignty.

PM Prachanda, who is also the Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Center), said so while addressing the provincial level message meeting organized by Socialist Front Nepal (SFN) in Butwal today.

Referring to the queries raised with regard to the MCC, PM Prachanda said he was fighting for national interest and sovereignty.

On the need of the SFN, the PM argued that it was for building a strong force to move towards a socialist republic.

Recalling the then CPN (Maoist)’s Chunwang meeting held in 2005 that oriented the party to peace process, Prachanda, also Maoist Chair, said many issues raised then are yet to be settled.

“We have achieved republican system. But, there are efforts to turn it into bourgeoisie republic or fascist one. Reactionary forces are bent on overturning it. We are for making it the republic of the people, a political system of the working people, and the SFN will a force to ensure it,” said the PM.

He said reactionaries were also trying to undo changes by disrupting ethnic, religious harmony. “There are also efforts to ignore the comprehensive peace accord which is a part of the constitution and file cases in the court, but we have to move forward facing all challenges.”

He said the SFN will move ahead in all fronts- government, parliament and the street.

PM Prachanda said the government’s campaign for good governance, social justice and prosperity was for socialist revolution.

He said with the SFN, a new phase of dialogue among revolutionaries has started and they have started to get unified.

Madhav Kumar Nepal, CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairperson, said that the SFN will lead in establishing socialism in Nepal with Nepali characteristics.

“SFN is needed for political, economic, social and cultural changes in the country,” he said.

On the MCC, Chair Nepal made it clear that the MCC will be rejected if the explanatory note was not accepted and that if it was made a part of Indo-Pacific Strategy.

He pointed out the need for all to be clear that the government cannot be above the country.

Biplov C, general secretary of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP), said the SFN was needed for socialist revolution.

“Socialism with Nepali characteristics is the common point of all the constituents of the SFN,” he said.

He asked PM Prachanda to continue the fight from the government while they will be supporting from the street with regard to the government’s campaign for good governance.

Raj Kishor Yadav, leader of the Janata Samajwadi Party, said the SFN was formed for socialist revolution.

Socialist revolution will be achieved through socio economic transformation, he said, asking PM Prachanda to lead for such a transformation.

A 9-member coordination committee of the SFN for Lumbini Province was also announced in the meeting chaired by NCP leader Basant C. The committee comprises of three members from each of the three parties in the SFN.

– TRN Online

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