Depression: How To Avoid It

Sunil Poudel

The word depression is associated with mental stress, anxiety and a painful condition of the mind. Our mind is a complicated thing.

Many people in the cities and villages suffer from this disorder. The disease does not turn into a dreadful one if the victims receive proper counselling with experts, which can help him/her recover. However, if depression is left uncured for long, it will produce a chain effect in the life of a victim, who can even commit suicide and harms to fellow beings and socity.

Depression or mental illness gives rise to unwanted thoughts in the mind. It begets a negative attitude in the victim. In the initial phase, a person is gripped by stress, tensions and a deepening sense of boredom of living in society.

This disease is often a self-created problem that identifies disorder in activities and unbalanced mental phenomena. The persons with depression feel that they have been barred to get opportunities in life. So, they often fail to find a sound social mechanism to adjust themselves to society, which further raises the stress level. A depressed person cannot think well and become a tense feeling that life for him/her is worthless.

Negative Thoughts

The lingering negative thoughts leave many problems unresolved. As a result, a person with such thoughts becomes tense. During the initial phase, depression results from mental stress and then develops a negative attitude and thoughts in the mind of a victim.

The victim often fails to find resolutions in life with the mind suffering from heavy boredom owing to aggravating depression. Such a situation arises when a diseased person fails to find support from relatives and friends.
The existing social condition, family environment, and thinking capacity are the reasons that give rise to depression. In the current period, which is gripped by the pandemic, the situation of a person with mental illness has further worsened.

People have been locked in homes, which may invite loneliness that creates a situation for mental torture and pain into the mind. People have felt that they have no future. They have become worried that they would have no opportunity for making a bright career during the lockdown period. The burden of negative thinking may give rise to mental stress and torture that paves the way for depression.

Depression can even push a person towards bad behaviours as increasing feelings of loneliness grip him or her. Most of the people have felt burdened by the problem to adjust to life by finding suitable professions to make their future bright. But they cannot fulfil dreams which only increases tension in life. It may push a victim towards depression.

However, every problem has its resolution. So, the ideas to resolved depression in a person have been put forth. If one takes proper rest, involves in yoga activities, take rest fromental activities, sleeps well, takes part in entertainment and thinks positively, he /she can protect them from mental stress and depression.

The mind is divided into two parts, left and right. If there is positive thinking, it will make the development of positive matters. Depression is not a dreadful disease. It can be cured by taking the counselling of experts who may make motivational recommendations, stimulus conceptions, reinforcement activities and vicarious advice as parables.

A victim needs a group settlement to address his feeling of loneliness. Life should be ecstatic, joyful and pleasant. An unhappy mood should be changed into a happy mood so that depression would not grip us. A patient needs proper positive thinking, proper management of obstacles in education, career and life. If a system becomes positive, it will offer positivity in the thinking process.

The system of cool mentality with positive thinking can be taken as a way for managing depression. Do not think more and more about unnecessary matters, the system becomes fruitful. The idea of good management is to show good behaviours to the family, relatives and friends with a positive attitude.

Everything should be taken positively, then after the mind works to remove negative thoughts. The victim needs proper love and affection from relatives, family and friends. People should develop a positive attitude and not think more of it as a burden in the mind. The mind should keep fresh by removing unnecessary rubbish things. Everything will be conducted within time. The environment should be peaceful and calm for the victims.

A person should not live with over-ambitious plans and schemes that cannot be fulfilled in life.

A person with depression should visit counsellors or psychiatrists to cure stress
One should always aspire to bring positivity in life. Giving up over-ambitious plans can save one from depression. Giving up a negative attitude or thinking is a proper cure for depression in people.

Unnecessary negative thinking and feeling of torture should be taken care of for bringing a peaceful environment in life.

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