PM Submits Written Response In Contempt Of Court Case

By Lucky Chaudhary

Kathmandu, Feb. 18: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that allegations made on him for making derogatory remarks by attacking fundamental rights of citizens guaranteed by the constitution were baseless and irrelevant.

Submitting a 10-point written response on Thursday in contempt of court case filed against the Prime Minister for using disparaging remarks in a party cadres’ meet organised in Kathmandu on January 22, Prime Minister Oli said, “I struggled for more than five decades of my life to establish democracy and ensure rule of law and independence of the judiciary in the nation. It is refractory even to imagine that I would do anything that would affect the dignity of the judiciary.”

He also clarified that the case of contempt of court was filed against him without considering the full sentence and context of his speech. In the written statement, he said, “The case was filed by extracting a few words from my speech. The speaker’s intent should be ascertained only on the basis of the full content and context of the speech.”

“One cannot conclude the actual intent of a speech by giving meaning to only a few words or phrases at his/her will. As the case has been filed by giving meaning to only a few words without ascertaining the actual intent of my speech, it is clear that the case was not filed with an intent to deliver justice. The applicant rather seems to be inspired by other intentions to file the case,” read the Prime Minister’s written response.

Prime Minister Oli also asserted that it is the duty of law practitioners to maintain the dignity of their profession.

“I have never done and will never obstruct the process of justice delivery and the arguments that are presented in the court by law practitioners. The case filed by the applicant by mentioning an irrelevant issue is not as per the law,” said Prime Minister Oli in his written response, adding “I stand by the principle of not fighting against truth and not bowing down to power.”

He assured that he would always stand firm to ensure the independence and dignity of the judiciary regardless of being in power. “I would like to clarify before the court that I have never made and I will never make any remarks that would hurt court and its function of delivering justice,” added the Prime Minister.

He also clarified that, while expressing his political thoughts, he had not made any derogatory remarks against the court, Chief Justice, judges, and court officials who are working for justice delivery.

“I have not done anything that would obstruct the court in the process of dispensation of justice,” said Prime Minister Oli, adding that the baseless case filed against him was just a publicity stunt that would kill the valuable time of the executive chief of the nation and the court.

He added that he had neither made any remarks against any law practitioner nor had he prevented any law practitioner from attending his/her duties. “Thus, the claim made by the applicant that I have disregarded the feelings of the court is inappropriate and should be dismissed.”

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